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I’m Zachary. I am a

Here are some products/projects I’ve worked on:

Get Cleaning Contracts

Mid 2020

I built a website where subcontractors can sign up for a membership that helps them get in front of large cleaning companies in need of contractors for various positions within the janitorial industry.

Studio Gurr

Early 2020

This project was built with a combination of Gatsby JS, Prismic, and Firebase.

The Midnight Exchange

Late 2019

The Midnight Exchange (aka TME/THEME) is a podcast created by me and my friend Mario Busto. This website is still, and will be for quite some time, considered a work in progress as new features are added. Go check it out and help by subscribing on whatever you listen to podcasts on.

Don Fils

Early 2019

This was a fun little portfolio landing page POC done in collaboration with Don Fils using some bits of responsive text.

David Gurr

Late 2018

I ended up building out a portfolio website for a colleague friend of mine. I really liked working on this one because I got to flex some tiny CSS grid muscles while teaching myself how to actually use it. Plus I got to implement some fun new things on a smaller project that wasn’t just a personal project that would end up sitting on my hard drive.

Update: The original site is hidden, but can still be found at the URL https://davidgurr.com/home/

Design Forum

Early 2018

I got the opportunity to create landing page here for a group of professional and student designers and finished it in an hour and a half. Go check them out and sign up 👌🏼

URL Dencoder

Mid 2017

A while back I found myself needing to encode and decode URLs using the URI scheme, so I built this little tool to help me do it.

Zachary Newton 2.0

Mid 2017

This was one of my personal sites that I thought was neat at the time. It only really took a few hours to put it together, but it gave me time to figure out what I actually wanted to create.

Idea Agency

Late 2016

So this is one of the first few sites I worked on just for fun. Before you ask, no, nothing on this page is real lol.

Zachary Newton 1.0

Late 2016

I think this may actually be the first thing I built on the web. A lot of the links and JS are now broken, but maybe you will still get a laugh too.

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